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    Which tool is used the most in sewing? That’s scissors for sure. However, do you know that scissors can have an impact on your productivity? The scissors that are rough can actually cause sprains in your hands which will eventually slow you down.

    You need to have scissors that are smooth & sharpened to get more productivity. It will not damage your fabric and you will be able to cut the fabric with ease.

    Well, how to take care of your scissors? We got you covered. Keep scrolling.

    Make Sure to Cut Fabric Only

    Do not reach out to your nearest scissor for cutting anything. They should be only used to cut the sewing fabric. These are not for the general uses so make sure to have specific scissors for each purpose.

    How about getting a particular pair of scissors for things that can damage your sewing scissor? That’s a great idea by the way. Believe me, it will give your sewing tool extra life and you can use it for a long period.

    Keep your Scissors Sharpened

    The scissors lose their sharpness over time which can also slow down your performance. You can take care of your scissors by bringing them to professional scissor sharpeners. They will make your dull tool as sharpened as a brand new.

    But, you also have to make sure that you are going to a professional sharpener who is experienced in sharpening the angles of the cutting edge of blades appropriately.

    Always Cut at the Right Spot

    You should also make sure to be extra cautious while cutting heavy or thicker fabrics. Do not use the middle of the scissor to cut the areas on fabric like curves or notches. It will affect the sharpness of your sewing tool.

    It can also make your scissors misaligned which can damage the fabric. Make sure to use the tips of your scissor for cutting these areas.

    Adjust Your Scissors Properly

    Don’t overlook the screw at the pivot of your screen. Use this screw to tighten or loosen the scissor depending on your particular requirements. This screw is provided by almost all major brands to make things easier for you.

    The proper adjustment of your scissor will not cause sprain or fatigue on your hands and the tightened blades will make the cutting easier.

    Have a Separate Scissor for a Specific Task

    Do you have a single scissor that is used for every task? This isn’t a great idea.

    A scissor that is used for general purposes like cutting plastic or paper shouldn’t be used for cutting fabric.

    There is a wide range of scissors available in the marketing like lighter, larger & heavier and you need to have the right scissor for each job

    Keep Your Scissor Oiled

    Cleaning scissors plays a huge role in keeping your scissor sharpened. The sewing machine oil can be applied to the blades of your scissors to prevent them from being dull and rough. After cleaning scissors, they will run smoothly and will stay protected from rusting.

    Do not drop several drops of oil. One drop of sewing machine oil at the pivot screw is enough to keep your scissors in working condition. Open and close your scissors multiple times to make it smooth. Wipe the blades to remove the remaining oil.

    Follow the above-mentioned tips to take care of your scissors. Cleaning scissors, adjusting them properly, and keeping them sharpened will improve your productivity and won’t slow you down.


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