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    Going in sticky and sweaty clothes in the summer is not a good option, right? With the rising temperature in UAE, one should go for a light and cooling fabric that is soft on the skin. It’s time to lose layers and get ready for the summer. People have already shifted to summer clothes that help them beat the heat.

    So a question arises here, what are some of the best fabrics for summer? In this guide, we will be discussing some of the top breathable fabrics that help you feel cool and comfortable in this hot weather.

    What Are The 5 Best Summer Fabrics?


    Cotton is an inexpensive fabric and widely available. This is among the best summer fabrics due to its lightweight and breathable material. This fabric is available in multiple styles, colors, and qualities which makes it a perfect fit for almost all requirements.

    Due to its soft and breathable qualities, it allows the heat to escape from your body and makes sure you stay cool in summer. Cotton fabric can get wrinkled and it can also tend to soak up moisture in hot weather, but overall it is a great option to consider for summer.


    Linen is among the list of best summer fabrics due to its lightweight and breathable qualities. The loosely woven linen makes sure that no heat absorbs into your body by escaping it. This fabric dries quickly and doesn’t stick to your skin due to which you remain dry throughout the day.

    The linen fabric can be wrinkled but people mostly like these wrinkles and take them as a significant element of linen fabric. Sewbanana offers the finest Linen-UNI fabric that offers an amazing texture of linen available in different colors.


    If you are looking for a fabric that doesn’t cling to your skin and ensures a snug fit, jersey fabric is a good option. This fabric includes synthetic fibers along with natural cotton that offers softness and flexibility. It has loose weaves and fine threads to make it comfortable and stretchy for your skin.

    It can be used for t-shirts, underwear, and sleepwear due to its absorbent nature. For people who are looking for a pullover or shrug to enjoy layering in summer, jersey knit fabric should be the ultimate choice.


    The highly comfortable and soft woven material full of natural fibers, Silk is among the best fabrics to wear in summer. If you are looking to add luxury and elegant touch to your attire, silk fabric is the ultimate choice.

    Silk is harvested from silkworm cocoons making it an expensive but luxurious material. This fabric includes all the properties that make it a good choice for both summer and winter. It is used in silk wedding dresses to have a traditional romantic look.


    This is an extremely lightweight fabric that can add both the formal as well as non-formal look to your attire in summer. It is also used for the home décor due to its plain-weave fabric. Poplin fabric can have cotton and synthetic fibers along with a mixture of multiple yarns.

    Poplin is a durable and luxurious fabric that can be used for adding a subtle touch to your wardrobe. This budget-friendly fabric is perfect for summer wear due to its soft nature. Sewbanana is offering a high-quality cotton poplin that is perfect for your summer needs.


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