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    Why Jersey Fabric is Ideal for Activewear

    We all heard about jersey fabrics and saw this on our fashion labels. It’s the most common knit material after all, but why? Jersey is an incredibly versatile and handy fabric mainly used in many garments and domestic items nowadays, but sewing with knits can be attractive and intimidating.

    Today we discuss all the details of a jersey, what jersey material, its types, its uses, and Why Jersey Fabric is Ideal for Activewear. So, let’s discuss it one by one.

    What is Jersey Fabric?

    It is a stretchy and smooth fabric that feels very soft to the touch. Sometimes it is mixed with spandex to increase its stretch, jersey stuff can be knit from any other fiber, some usual types being polyester, cotton, and rayon. Mass-produced with different types of fibers and in different ways, there are many styles of jersey material including cotton jersey, printed jersey fabric, and jersey michel. Moreover, jerseys are available in a variety of sparkling colors and printed patterns.

    Jersey Fabric

    Types of Jersey Fabrics

    There are two main types of jersey material, depending on the knit style:

    • Standard jersey

    Also called plain knit or single knit, this is complete using a single set of needles and seems smooth on one side and piled on the other side.

    • Double-knit jersey

    It is also called an interlock jersey; this is a dual piece of single-knit jersey knit together to make a smooth surface on both sides of the fabric.

    Uses of Jersey Material

    Jersey material is an easy-to-sew and handy fabric, it is a sustainable and useful material and it has many qualities that make it an amazing fabric for daily use. Jersey fabric uses are:

    • It is a stretchable fabric so it is used to make activewear because movement can easily be done in stretchable dresses.
    • The absorbent quality of jersey material makes it ideal for activewear because it is lightweight and absorbs the sweat that comes during a workout.
    • Most of the jersey fabrics have a fine drape, but it does depend on the composition of the fibers of the fabric. Jerseys using silk or viscose have a much smoother drape than cotton-jersey cloth, which inclines to have more structure.

    Why is Jersey Fabric Ideal for Activewear?

    Jersey as an activewear fabric is a cloistering, form-fitting, and breathable fabric that is used for loungewear and sportswear. Woven or knit, sportswear is made from a blend of rayon, polyester, nylon, cotton, and spandex yarns. Easy to care for and washable easily, Activewear cloth is recognized for being moisture-wicking, stretchy, and temperature-regulating. Moreover, Athletic wear is available in a variety of elegant styles, lively colors, and detailed designs. In addition, it is used to make loungewear like tracksuits, hoodies, and t-shirts with sportswear fabric. Athletic wear fabric is easy to washable and does not require a lot of maintenance for and keeps you dry and warm in the winter season, or cool in hot weather.

    Jersey Fabric

    Where to Buy Premium-Quality Jersey Stuff?

    If you want to buy a durable and premium-quality jersey fabric that meets durability standards for the production of garments, visit Sew Banana. It is a well-known online store that provides sustainable and premium-quality fabrics to the markets of the United Arab Emirates offering a range of different types of fabrics to meet every buyer’s needs.

    In addition to jersey material, Sew Banana also offers affordable, environmentally-friendly material products at reasonable prices. Sew Banana offers a variety of stretch jersey fabrics which includes:

    • Jersey Michel
    • Plain jersey
    • Foil-printed jersey
    • Printed jersey
    • Waffle jersey uni

    You can buy these jersey fabrics from our online store; it is also available in ½ metre so you can easily buy these fabrics according to your demand.

    Jersey Fabric


    Jersey material is an adaptable and comfortable choice for a wide variety of clothing items. Its smoothness, stretch, elasticity, and breathability make it perfect for daily wear, activewear, and loungewear. After discussing the types, characteristics, and uses of jersey clothes, you can make informed decisions when buying fabric or clothing items.


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