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    linen clothes

    With the winter days getting colder, gloomier, and shorter, it’s time to rethink our winter wardrobe. Whilst we try various ways to keep our clothes going for as long as possible and avoid some fast fashion trends, there are many irresistible occasions when only new clothes will do.

    Favorably, linen clothing is always in trend. It indicates that investing in premium-quality linen now will yield an excellent cost-effective product, as it can be used and still look beautiful for years. Despite the changes in shapes, cuts, lengths, style & colors, linen fabric itself is always the talk of the show. Choosing a classical style in this graceful fabric means that you can future-use your wardrobe, and still feel ready and welcoming for the new season. Get high-quality linen fabric from Sew Banana, the best fabric store in Dubai.

    But the main question arises – why is linen clothing always in vogue? We reveal various benefits of linen clothing in this blog post.

    • Linen clothes are so enduringly adored and praised as they are so comfortable. Linen allows you to enjoy your day without worrying about sweating or ruining your clothes. Completely breathable, comfortable, linen is a must-have during all seasons as linen fabric effectively absorbs perspiration, wicking away moisture from your body and maintaining your body temperature. Pants, shirts, and dresses made from linen are highly popular and appreciated because of the airy feeling they offer.
    comfortable linen clothes
    • For versatileness, linen is second to none. It’s always effortless to tailor linen fabric into a stylish and elegant piece. Apart from that, linen is a very absorbent fabric, in terms of easily absorbing dyes. Even the simplest-designed made from linen fabric looks extravagant and unique.
    • Linen is a strong and reliable fabric, that’s why your linen clothes will last much longer than cheap quality fabrics. They can tolerate various washes without getting worn out, and even get softer with time. This means that you can enjoy your old linen dresses for several years. For all those people who are worried about environmental sustainability, linen fabric is for you, as it makes a great choice for clothing.
    reliable fabric
    • Linen clothes are also wearable when traveling to different locations. They consume little space in your luggage and are very light in weight, making them suitable to be carried. If you need to do laundry on the move, they can be washed by hand and dried quickly.
    • Linen clothing can be easily taken care of. Garments can be washed using a machine and tumble dried as well, while its tendency to wrinkle is normally considered part of linen’s particular “charm”. So you don’t have to worry about ironing the fabric, which is always considered a bonus in our view. But if you really like to iron your clothes, do this step when your linen garment is still moist.

    It’s no secret, linen garments are loved and praised by both men and women. Ranging from shirts and tunics to linen casual pants, there’s always something extra for everyone. Linen is also a perfect fabric for home wear as it’s so lightweight, natural, comfy, and breathable. Just the ideal clothes you need for calming around the house or chilling on a lazy weekend.

    There’s nothing better than an elegant piece of gracefully cut and ideally dyed linen clothing. In fact, you would love to be spoiled for choice.


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