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    Endless Possibilities in Fabric Designs

    You need a meticulously crafted print and fabric for making a fashion statement and being the expression of your style. Fabric patterns can upheave your attire as they vary from subtle to intricate designs so you can find your favourite one that matches with your style.

    These prints can add elegance and endless probabilities to your stitching parameters ranging from a shirt to a curtain. In this blog, you will get a deep insight into the latest trends and designs of fabrics for a unique appearance.

    Latest Trends In Fabric Designs

    Fabric designs play a pivotal role in elevating your style. One can delve into these exotic and intriguing designs to decipher the ultimate beauty of attire and fashion.

    You can ensemble in a wide range of patterns from this fabric store manifesting minimalism and sophistication. Some of the fabric prints are:

    1. Striped

    You can unleash your creative persona by endorsing the striped patterns. It is a traditional pattern that has evolved over centuries and is still part of contemporary

    striped patterns fabric

    fashion. Skilled craftsmen have infused a diversity of colours in the adjacent patterns of strips which ranges from bold to vibrant colours.

    2. Polka Dot

    It is a playful and evergreen pattern that has made its transformation from retro to modern style. A versatile piece that is usually worn on formal and informal occasions depending on the mood and style.

    versatile piece

    It elevates your fashion style and evokes mood accordingly.

    3. Graphic print

    Graphic prints offer a combination of bold colours with delicate designs. These patterns manifest an elegant and minimal fashion statement, that keeps it going with the trend.

    delicate designs poplin

    These subtle patterns can be used for clothing, accessories, and interior decorations. It is the latest technological innovation in fabric lines with unique abstract prints.

    4. Animal print

    This is a widely endorsed and iconic pattern inspired by animals that can elevate your fashion games. It is a historically acknowledged pattern of faux popularity immersing the latest fashion trend.

    iconic pattern cotton

    These prints are usually in fur or linen form to give a subtle shape to your body.

    5. Floral

    It’s a motif of delicate design which accelerates the top trends. It has become an artistic expression of attire celebrating natural essence.

    delicate design cotton

    The prints are available in multiple designs and patterns to evoke a sense of fashion with the ongoing trends. These are usually allocated for sheets, covers, attires, and accessories.


    Sew Banana offers you a galore of fabrics reflecting the most trending patterns and designs in our fabric store. You can ensemble in the finest quality of clothing which includes linen fabric, muslin fabric, and poplin fabric.

    These fabrics come in multiple patterns to keep them aligned with the trend. You can mould the fabric as per your need and requirement. We provide you with endless possibilities to redefine your style and keep yourself connected with the latest fashion streaks. Visit our website now to explore a wide range of fabric designs and prints.

    You can read our blog post “Top Fabric Trends For 2023” to know more about fabric trends and styles.


    To explore more, follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Don’t forget to post on social media with the hashtag #SewBanana whatever you purchase from us. Happy Shopping!

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