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    When it comes to fabric, you want the best, but there are so many options that it may be overwhelming in a textile store. The color and patterns of the textiles on exhibit will, of course, draw your attention. However, it is only one aspect of fabric by the yard; there are many other aspects to consider to get the best fabric. We have enlisted tips from textiles professionals that you need to consider when you buy fabric online.

    Keep the following points in mind when looking for the best fabric material:

    cutting tool

    The fabric’s quality

    Before you even consider if it’s linen, cotton, polyester, or nylon, feel it against your skin to see if it’s decent quality. The fabric must be devoid of flaws, especially in color, pattern, fibers, rips, etc. The quality should be impeccable since if the fabric has flaws, you will undoubtedly have garments manufactured that show those flaws.

    The fabric type

    Before you buy fabric online, you need to look into the type of fabric. Fabrics are classified as natural, synthetic, or a combination of the two. Cotton, linen, denim, leather, and silk are natural textiles. Examples are polyester, rayon, spandex, DTY cloth, acrylic, nylon, and other synthetic materials. Fabrics that combine natural and synthetic fibers are also ideal for manufacturing clothing if they are in good shape.

    So, consider if you want to buy natural, synthetic, or a combination of the two. Natural fibers are more expensive than synthetic fabrics; thus, your budget will also play a part here.

    Color stability

    Check your fabric material to ensure that the color is equal and free of spots or streaks. Scrutinize the fabric for any evidence of uneven coloring. If you find any locations where the colors are fading, especially around the fold line, you should switch to a different fabric. If you detect light colors in certain places of the fabric, unless it is a pattern, don’t buy it since that means the color will fade when you wash it.


    When you buy fabric online, take shrinkage into account. You must know whether the cloth will shrink after washing. Each material shrinks differently. To be safe, purchase an additional 10% of the fabric. Consider a preshrunk cloth that will not cause you any problems.

    Sew Banana is a reliable fabric store in UAE with excellent quality fabric material. If you are struggling with where to buy fabric in Dubai, check out the Sew Banana’s fabric collection.

    Location and suitability

    When you buy fabric, you presumably have a garment in mind, and you need to know if it will work for that. For example, wool swimsuits, cotton sportswear, and polyester infant items are not permitted. Consider the occasion and location where the clothing will be worn while selecting textiles for them. Wool is not appropriate for a desert setting, while chiffon is not for a trip to the frigid mountain area. Cotton fabrics are ideal for summer clothing because they help to keep the skin cool.



    The color of the cloth is quite significant, especially if you are making your garment. When you buy fabric, choose a color that compliments your skin tone to make the dress seem even better on you. If you’re going to a physical store, look for the clothes during the day, not after sundown. Because artificial lighting can distort color in some circumstances, natural light is required to reveal the actual color.

    The Grain of the Fabric

    This should be a big concern when you buy fabric material since even if you get the most appealing cloth, it may provide some issues if the grain isn’t correct. The improper grain on the cloth can cause the outfit you construct to hang incorrectly. If you see the grain of the cloth is off, don’t buy it to avoid extra issues later.


    After seeing the different alluring designs on display, you may consider purchasing patterned fabric. Make sure the cloth does not become deformed when matched up or aligned to make the outfit. When it comes to patterns, select one that best represents the fashion style you want to attain with the finished garment.

    The fabric’s weight

    Most fabric weights are determined by characteristics such as fiber type, weave, and so on. The weight of the cloth is denoted by GSM, which ranges from 60 to 700. Depending on the weave, a denim fabric, for example, will have a GSM of 400. Remember that a higher fabric weight only sometimes implies a higher quality cloth. The fabric weight should have the most significant effect on appropriateness. Knowing the fabric weight allows you to evaluate different types of textiles and choose the ideal fabric material for specific events and circumstances.

    cloth with thread

    Few more tips to consider before you buy fabric online!

    • Thread count, fiber length, and weave styles
    • Durability and resistance
    • Fabric structure
    • Fabric thickness
    • Moisture absorption
    • Softness
    • Dry cleaning durability
    • Static electricity

    Few Final Thoughts

    Before you buy fabric online, we recommend you consider tips from textile professionals. The tips mentioned above from professionals can help you choose the best fabric material online. Sew Banana is a reliable online fabric store in Dubai offering a range of fabric types. Buy fabric online in Dubai and make a fashion statement.


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