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    Are you planning to give your loved ones a Christmas surprise? Is it a nice jewellery piece, a signature scent, or a beautiful dress? But do you have any creative gift-wrapping ideas that can make your gift memorable?

    You can try different wrapping items to add a touch of personalization to the gift. It will make your loved ones always keep your gift close to their heart.

    You can try gift-wrapping ideas: ribbon, iron on the embroidery, ribbon fabric, or several other ideas. However, you have to be careful while choosing the wrapping item, as it should match your gift.

    In this blog post, we will be disclosing some of the best gift-wrapping ideas that are eco-friendly and go perfectly with the holiday season. Keep scrolling to catch more.

    Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

    Wrap Your Holiday Gifts In Fabric

    Using a nice fabric with an eye-catching pattern should always be your first choice for wrapping your holiday gifts. The fabrics play a key role in reducing the overall environmental impact as they ensure minimal carbon footprint.

    There will be several worn blankets, curtains, or kid’s old clothes that can be used for gift wrapping. However, you can also purchase the best Dubai fabric from our online daub fabric store.

    You can also order the ribbon fabric, cut it into different sizes, and wrap it up on your gift to make it look amazing.

    Use Iron On Embroidery

    What about using a nice iron embroidery on your gift box that goes well with the holidays and Christmas theme? At Sew Banana, we offer a wide range of iron-on embroidery products that are easy to transfer to your gift box by using iron.

    Fine detail on these designs will also help you enhance the overall appeal of your gift box, and the receivers will feel more cherished once you give them the gift.

    Explore Your Flourishes In Nature

    Speaking about gift wrapping ideas, adding some nice elements of nature to your gift box is a good idea. All you have to do is simply walk outside your house and find some nice seasonally appropriate flourishes.

    You can look out for vibrant flowers, cotton buds, and small tree branches. Use them nicely to make beautiful festive toppers for your gift box.

    Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper

    The eco-friendly wrapping papers can make your present look more luxurious, and the excitement of the receiver will be boosted as they get your gift. You can use the vibrant wrapping papers that are perfect to use in the Christmas season.

    You can use the wrapping paper along with pretty packages and ribbons to increase the excitement level of the receiver.


    DIY gift wrapping on Christmas and holidays can help you add a touch of personalization and make your gift stand out from other gifts. You can use nice and beautifully patterned fabrics, iron-on embroidery, ribbon fabrics, or wrapping paper for gift wrapping.

    Using nice natural elements on your gift boxes can signify the elements of Christmas, and they are also eco-friendly.

    You can visit our online Dubai fabric store to order the iron-on embroidery , ribbon fabric, and several other items for gift wrapping.


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