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    versatile fabric

    From Gucci, Chloe, Givenchy to Loewe and from dresses, jumpers, boots, and bags, you can kick off any look or project with suede fabric (“a good day is a day spent sewing”, isn’t it?). Suede is far out in every single way versatile especially when you want to put together a “sexy look”, perhaps when we are sifting through the winters you wouldn’t mind pulling that suede dress that has been there for a while. Talking of how suede got its name, “gants de Suede” which literally means gloves from Sweden, soft type of gloves imported from Sweden, the term was later coined as suede meaning any kind of leather. Quite popular in the 20th century it was associated with luxury and affluence.

    leather boots

    If you’re wondering what makes suede different from leather, we’ll help – suede is the underside of animal hide, actually like turning leather upside down by splitting it to reveal a fuzzier underside, and yeah it is definitely softer, thinner, sewable, and pliable than leather.

    Is there a vegan alternative to suede?

    Yes, microsuede. It is made from congeries of polyester, it’s a type of faux suede which is relatively lighter, durable, and can be cleaned easily without hassle, and did we mention it’s affordable.

    “It Looks Great. It Feels Great. It’s Gender-fluid. It’s Microsuede”

    faux suede

    Fashion can be a part of our daily lives with suede, but wait, what colours can you take your chance on? Here are colours that can be used without a second thought.

    1. Black
    2. Bran
    3. Croissant
    4. Microchip
    5. Tawny port

    Here are Ways to Protect Your Suede:

    1. First on our list, suede and water are a BIG NO, NO!
      Suede is not water-resistant which means it will soak in water and cause irreparable damage.
    2. Keep a brush handy
      It is best to clean suede before you can put it to use, a suede brush made from nylon/brass bristles (even a toothbrush can do the job, phew!) is recommended to remove lint from the fabric.
    3. Whoa! Watch-out the Sun
      Keep your suede out of direct sunlight, sunlight can fade the colour of your suede product instead store it in the original packaging of the product.
    4. Air-dry is the way to go!
      It is recommended that you let suede air-dry especially if it has a wet stain before you slip it back in. If you might be thinking “sadly, this a tougher stain”, ta-da! Suede eraser/suede cleaner is here for the rescue however, you may want to do a patch test with them before you try them.
    suede air-dry

    Comfortability, Confidence, Personality and Individuality are the true essence of fashion, we have saved the best for last, here are a couple of looks from my sewing wisdom that will make you fall in love with suede, woo la la!

    1. Go Preppy
      Preppy style is classic yet stylish without a doubt, this style has evolved with time and your options too. You can choose a basic garment of your choice and pair it with a neat suede tie or make it fun with a chequered suede skirt or fitted-trousers (chequers are ever-inspiring, aren’t they?)
    2. Go Classy
      Believe it or not, suede on the runways has a clear message, this style isn’t going anywhere. A trimmed suede jacket is a fresher and can be a part of a classy ensemble, pull-off a chic look: a plain tee, trimmed suede jacket and a pair of jeans (we love how this is looking!).

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    sewing tools


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