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    About Sew Banana

    Hi! My name is Rania and I am the founder of Sew Banana. I am a fashion designer from Austria and living for almost a decade here in beautiful Dubai.
    As a fabric lover, it was always my dream to have all types, kinds, and colors of fabric at hand, so that I can just go and pick up whatever I need or even just get inspired.
    But why the effort to open a fabric shop?
    You see, I am a mom of 3 and I LOVE to sew clothes for my kids! But unfortunately, there are no nice prints for kids available here in Dubai and especially there is NO JERSEY at all!
    So, I always had to buy my fabrics in Austria, when I was on holiday and bring them back with me to Dubai. Which was super annoying, as it took so much weight and space in my luggage!
    I always wished, that one day there will be a local online shop, which offers beautiful fabric (especially jerseys!) and all kinds of haberdashery and tools, so I can just buy it with a click! But I never thought about opening this shop by myself.
    9 years later, I am lying on my bed and it just crossed my mind just like this! Why not open my fabric shop and provide all those things that are not only available to me but to all those other sewing bees who are searching for? I felt so excited and was sure that this was the best idea I ever had!!
    So, I started to look for European fabric suppliers and found the amazing high-quality fabric in Holland. The fabric of those Dutch suppliers didn’t only have gorgeous colors and prints, but was also a high quality I am used to! That was it! I now couldn’t be more excited to share the treasures I found with the world!
    And why the name `Sew Banana`?
    It was super hard to come up with a name that will fit my concept and the flair of my brand. While breaking my head looking for something, somehow it crossed my mind: 'Hm, ... sew something… its bananas…so bananas…Sew bananas! NO…. SEW BANANA!'
    I just loved the name and I think it is very special! It has 2 meanings: sew like crazy and this is so crazy.
    Now, here I am!
    Offering you some special fabric and sewing stuff, I am sure, you will love it! Sew Banana is still tiny and the selection is not huge yet (!), but with your support and love, I am sure we will grow together and get banana!
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    Much love,
    Rania Ali


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